Jai Sungaran

BSc (Med) MBBS FRACS (Ortho) MA Surg (Ortho) FAOA

Dr Jai Sungaran is a dedicated Hand & Wrist surgeon with a special interest in peripheral nerve surgery and arthroscopic wrist surgery.

He treats all conditions of the hand and wrist ranging from arthritis and fractures through to complex reconstructive micro surgery.

After graduating from the University of NSW in 2000, Dr. Sungaran began surgical training in 2002 and obtained his Orthopaedic Surgery Fellowship qualifications in 2010. He was awarded the Johnson & Johnson Medical Research Scholarship in 2011 to undertake further training in hand and wrist surgery. He successfully completed a Masters in Advanced Surgery under the guidance of Prof. Graham Gumley and travelled overseas to gain further experience in microsurgery and peripheral nerve surgery.

Some of the operations Dr Sungaran performs included:

  • Wrist arthroscopy (“key-hole” surgery) for acute and chronic conditions
  • Carpal tunnel surgery including endoscopic release
  • Scaphoid and scapholunate ligament injuries
  • Nerve and tendon injuries of the hand and wrist
  • Trigger fingers, ganglions and tumours of the hand