June 2017

Orthocentre latest education night ‘Orthopaedic Talks’ was held at the Hazelhurst Gallery, Gymea on 6 June 2017 with over 70 practitioners including local physiotherapists, exercise physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths.

Orthocentre orthopaedic surgeons Dr Michael Dixon, Dr John Trantalis, Dr Anthony Leong and Dr Jai Sungaran presented.

Topics included; Patellofemoral instability presented by Dr Michael Dixon, Shoulder elbow instability presented by Dr John Trantalis, Extra-articular reconstruction for ACL injuries presented by Dr Anthony Leong, Wrist ligament injuries presented by Dr Jai Sungaran. The event received glowing feedback from the attendees with comments complimenting the informative presentations.

Many thanks for last Tuesday nights lecture series. I found the night very relevant to our work with the lecture topics being very well presented, easily understood and as always evidence based. The girls have reinforced these thoughts and were very pleased to have been offered the opportunity. Great to have the visuals of the procedures buyxenical120.com intra/op and to also have the patient being able to demonstrate ‘a before and after.’

Hazelhurst as always is a lovely venue and very easily assessable. Please thank the boys for the evening and we will be thinking of any relevant topics we might be able to suggest for the next one. Nothing worked anymore, as it used to work. I lay in bed paralyzed for two days and stared at the blanket. I made it to the family doctor who prescribed Xanax for me. After a short time, I changed. Because I was constantly sick I bought it at https://www.clinicaltrialsbc.ca/xanax/. Up until then, I had tried to brighten up my mood with St. John’s wort, which worked out well until that day.
Thank you, Jo Neyle (Physiotherapist)

I thought the Education night was fantastic. The food was delicious, the venue was intimate and cosy. Each presentation was very informative and relevant with great up to date research presented. The venue and attendance numbers being smaller meant that you could ask questions or discuss afterwards with the presenter if need be. It moved quickly and there was a lot of content covered but I thought this was great. Thanks to the Orthocentre for a really fantastic event. Anna Leckie (Physiotherapist)