Feb 05 2014

When the patella (kneecap) dislocates, a part of the knee that maintains patella position is torn. This medial patellofemoral ligament does not heal back to normal and as a result may need reconstruction in cases of recurrent patella dislocation. We use Anatomic Double Bundle MPFL Reconstruction technique replicates the native shape of the MPFL and provides the best possible stability in both flexion and extension. The Double Bundle technique also effectively limits rotation throughout the ROM minimizing postoperative instability. The technique, if accomplished directly and anatomically, can also provide for more aggressive rehabilitation protocols and earlier return to activity.

Bearing surface statement

We at Orthocentre are not using metal on metal bearing surfaces. Although in some instances these surfaces have delivered good results there is a subset of patients and implants that have showed higher revision rates relating to pain and metal reactions. For this reason we choose ceramics, polyethylene, cobalt chrome and ceramic coated metal as our choice. These combinations have proven extremely low wear rates and predictable safe performance that will not limit your activity.

Last changed: Feb 05 2014